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Precast ossuary and columbaria construction system

“Cell System®” is a modular cell system for the construction of cemetery structures. Easy to install, safe and reliable with outstanding features.

The features of our precast ossuaries and columbaria

“Cell System® allows us to create any type of precast cemetery structure, such as ossuaries and columbaria. This unique product has patented technical features. Their compact and homogeneous bearing structure ensures the highest quality and resistance in compliance with mortuary regulations (Italian Presidential Decree No. 285 of 10 September 1990).

The structure consists of galvanised 10/10 sheet steel panels interconnected through a minimal number of galvanised steel bolts. The interconnections automatically create the ducts for the votive light cables.

Every cell has a sheet metal cover secured to the structure through self-tapping screws.

All panels and covers undergo an anti-corrosion treatment with a RAL7040 grey polyester coating.

The stacked cells create an extremely versatile standard modular structure, which make it possible to exploit any space (under stairs, unused niches, etc.). All this, in addition to the system’s rigidity and easy installation, make “Cell System® the best precast system on the market.

Our structures can come in different sizes, depending on your requirements. Our products are perfect for smaller spaces or poorly usable spaces.

    • FRONT LOADING (standard dimensions):
      • Width: 30 cm
      • Depth: 70 cm
      • Height: 30 cm

    • CARICAMENTO LATERALE (misure standard):
      • Width: 70 cm
      • Depth: 30 cm
      • Height: 30 cm

    • Width: 40 cm
    • Depth: 40 cm
    • Height: 40 cm

In addition to the standard dimensions, we can fully exploit the available space with bespoke dimensions tailored to your needs.

Our structures can be positioned in clear or existing areas, exploiting wall niches and unused space. These structures usually do not require structural loads for sizing the foundations. Upon request, we can provide anti-rollover calculations (wall anchoring).

We take care of installing the structures on-site to ensure the highest performance of our products.

Structures with or without the faceplate

If you just want the structure and arrange for the faceplate (marble, granite, etc.) yourself, we can provide you with the technical drawings you need. In this case, you will be responsible for supplying the stone during installation, so we can complete the structure in every detail.

For outdoor structures, we can create roofs made of stone (Luserna stone, white Carrara marble, composite marble or any other stone upon request) or insulated painted sheet metal panels complete with gutters and downspouts. In any case, these roofs will always be in line with the aesthetics of the place.

The modules allow for the installation of a natural stone faceplate (marble, granite, etc.). Finishes are also useful for the electrical connections and installing other furnishings that enhance the structure’s aesthetic value.

Our structures are simple, compact, and refined. The marble slabs are accurately positioned using specific cross bracings, which avoid joints and ensure uniformity.

The faceplates are secured to the structure through special stainless steel anti-rollover washers and brass fasteners for embellishment. Each module comes with a CE marked cable for votive lights.

Moreover, we can provide glass doors for indoor columbaria. These doors come with hinges and a lock, and are an excellent alternative to the natural stone faceplate.

natural stone faceplate for ossuaries and columbaria
natural stone faceplate for ossuaries and columbaria

installation of precast ossuaries
installation of precast ossuaries

installation of precast ossuaries
installation of precast ossuaries

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