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Precast niches

a new system for the funerary industry.

CE-marked niches in compliance with Regulation (EU) 305/2011 and CPR

Each structure has a steel frame coated with RILSAN® Esy (thickness: 100µ) where the caissons housing the coffins are placed.

A concrete base with studs and other fasteners keeps the structure secured to the ground during installation. “Cell System®” niches come with an adjustment system that allows them to be installed on any foundation, even if it’s not completely flat.

The niches are installed at a 2-degree angle at the back.

Niches are made with two types of shell: sheet metal (stainless steel 304, 1.5 mm thick) or waterproof glass fibre. The shell is cast in a single shape without joints. In both cases, they are made according to an original RP s.r.l. design.

For further information, check out the section about our modular system for precast niches.

caissons housing the coffins sheet metal
caissons housing the coffins in waterproof glass fibre
coperchio in acciaio per loculi di alloggiamento

Niches are supplied in two versions: front loading and side loading.

Example of niches made with steel formwork

niches made with steel formwork
niches made with steel formwork

Example of niches made with glass fibre formwork

niches made with glass fibre formwork
niches made with glass fibre formwork

Click here to see how we make our glass fibre niches.

Stone or marble panels matching the faceplate can be used for external columbaria finishes. These panels are secured to the cells through special fasteners that create the space for electrical cables or gas discharge pipes.

“Cell System®” niches are turnkey solutions. They come complete with a white Carrara marble faceplate (or any other material upon request), votive light fittings (electrical system upon request), fasteners and on-site installation. Photo frames and flower vases can be added upon request.

We can also supply the niches without the faceplate to adapt them to local requirements.

Structure precast niches
Structure precast niches

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