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Modular system for precast niches

“Cell System®” is a modular cell system for the construction of cemetery structures. Easy to install, safe and reliable with outstanding features.

Every modular structure is an assembly of pre-fixed components following a practical method for a safe and reliable result over time.


“Cell System®” precast niches have patented technical features. Their compact and homogeneous bearing structure ensures the highest quality and resistance in compliance with mortuary regulations (Italian Presidential Decree No. 285 of 10 September 1990).
We have always focused on effective and safe techniques to ensure superior quality and performance under every point of view.
That’s why, after in-depth research and field studies, we have patented a system that protects the niche from leachate leakage.

Leachate leaking from niches is a common problem. That’s why our structures have superior characteristics that prevent this problem while making it easier to place the coffin, which remains raised and intact.

Our patented structures can safely contain up to 50 litres of leachate without any damage for the coffin. This unique feature is further guaranteed by the hermetically sealed AISI304 stainless steel cover, which is secured through steel Allen screws and a silicone seal.

Modular system for precast niches

This system consists of a sturdy three-dimensional metal frame coated with RILSAN® Esy (thickness: 300µ), which supports the niches.

This system is designed to ensure quick and simple installation in three simple steps:

  1. Installation of the three-dimensional framework;
  2. Installation of the niches inside the framework;
  3. Installation of faceplates and fittings.

The three-dimensional frame is made of commercial profiles and consists of the following:

  • IPN profile columns;
  • U-profile transverse beams;
  • U-profile longitudinal beams;
  • Niche-supporting beams;

The frame is secured to the appropriately sized and designed foundation through mechanical expansion plugs or chemical anchors.

The niches are based on a patented design and can be made of stainless steel or glass fibre. In both cases they are made according to a patented R.P. design.

niches in stainless steel
niches in glass fibre

extract of Matteo Alesina’s technical report

Download the technical report on our modular precast niche system

RILSAN ESY® coating

The frames of our structures are coated with RILSAN ESY®, an eco-friendly material of plant origin, through a fluidised bed process.

rivestimento loculi prefabbricati in Rilsan Esy®

RILSAN ESY® is one of the few polymers that is made from castor-oil plant and not from petrochemicals. This powder is free of heavy metals and complies with the most stringent environmental requirements.

rivestimento loculi prefabbricati

Our company – which originally operated in the metalworking industry – is Italy’s official applicator of this product, which we have been using for more than 30 years.

Il RILSAN ESY® ensures abrasion and corrosion resistance and the artefact’s longer durability and weather resistance.

The bearing structure is sized to ensure resistance in seismic zones 3 and 2 prior a geological report concerning the area of intervention.

The calculations for the correct sizing of the foundations will be based on this geological report to ensure the technical features of our product.

We supply two versions of the niches:

Front loading niches
    This version allows placing the coffin from the front. The dimensions comply with mortuary regulations and cannot be changed.
    • Width: 75 cm
    • Depth: 225 cm
    • Height: 70 cm

    This version allows placing the coffin from the side. The dimensions comply with mortuary regulations and cannot be changed.
    • Width: 225 cm
    • Depth: 75 cm
    • Height: 70 cm
  • Side loading niches

    The modules allow for the installation of a natural stone faceplate (marble or granite, according to requirements) and the electrical connections for the votive lights (not the connection to the main electrical system).

    We also supply the identification numbers according to the client’s indications.

    In the event of family graves, the flexibility of our model allows us to insert our side loading precast niches inside of them.

    We take care of installing the structures on-site to ensure the highest performance and certify our anti-seismic niches.

    Every product is analysed in every detail to make your structures unique and suitable for your needs.

    Structures with or without the faceplate

    If you just want the structure and arrange for the faceplate (marble, granite, etc.) yourself, we can provide you with the technical drawings you need. In this case, you will be responsible for supplying the stone during installation, so we can complete the structure in every detail.

    The project includes a roof made of insulated Tecnopanel Delta 5 panels (100 mm thick). These panels are self-supporting with a maximum front overhang of 1.20 m. They come complete with gutters and downspouts.

    natural stone faceplate

    The modules allow for the installation of a natural stone faceplate (marble, granite, etc.). Finishes are also useful for the electrical connections and installing other furnishings that enhance the structure’s aesthetic value.

    Our structures are simple, compact, and refined. The marble slabs are accurately positioned using specific cross bracings, which ensure uniformity.

    The faceplates are secured to the structure through shaped stainless steel anti-rollover washers and brass fasteners for embellishment. Each module comes with a CE marked cable for votive lights.

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