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Family tombs and chapels

Family tombs are funerary monuments that house several niches in a modular structure that houses the remains of the member of a same family.

RP Prefabbricati Cimiteriali can meet any requirement, thanks to the versatility of our modular niche structures. This way, we can create tombs of different types and shapes and always compliant with the mortuary regulations in force.

The great versatility of the “Cell System®” allows us to meet any requirement for above-ground family tombs based on a specific plan.
We have also developed a standard type of family chapel with the cladding of your choice.

For further information, check out the section about our modular system for precast niches.

precast family tombs and chapels

precast family tombs and chapels
Installation family tombs and chapels - Coazze cemetery

Chapel design, niche assembly, installation of faceplates (stone, marble, slat) and funerary furnishings, construction of family tombs, precast chapels, or precast ossuaries and columbaria. We at RP Prefabbricati Cimiteriali support our clients every step of the way.

Installation family tombs and chapels - Besnate cemetery
Installation family tombs and chapels - Besnate cemetery

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